World of Tanks 10.0 Tiger II Changes

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World of Tanks 10.0 Tiger II Changes

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Hello Warriors,

as things have been oddly quiet last days, I'm keeping on making screenshots and Gif. of the major tank changes for the next patch. This time, Tiger II:

Let's recapitulate what was posted previously:
- UFP is now at 51° instead of 50°.
- LFP is 50° instead of 48°.
- The very top part of the LFP is now 150mm too.
- Side hull is now sloped at 25° instead of 26°-27°.
- Rear hull is sloped at 30° instead of 26°.
- Extra sloped parts on the UFP for the periscopes to look over are now slightly smaller.
- Stock turret cupola is now 100mm at best with the sloped part being 60mm instead of it being a 150mm hunk.
- The bump on the turret side for the cupola on the stock turret is now 90mm instead of 80mm.
- Front of stock turret ring is 100mm now instead of 80mm.
- Random 140mm part on the top turret's side near the turret ring is gone, though a lot of areas on the side are now 100mm thick from spare tracks.
- The armor behind the mantlet now looks like a ball, with an overall smaller area being a 0 armor hole.

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